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One of the most important conditions to create aesthetic and functional space is to choose materials suitable for the space. In particular, a floor that are mostly commonly used parts of outdoors space are the important factor to ensure that the conditions in the space meets the needs.

Levita heavy duty tiles can be safely used in all internal and external spaces that are exposed to high load and pedestrian traffic. They are safely used in pedestrian traffic area, vehicular movement area, terraces, balconies, roof sunbathing areas, veranda, seaside, beach, swimming pool etc. 

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Steap Ahead Approach

Levita production plant is equipped with most advance technology to ensure high quality standards.

And, with advance technology plant we have developed a range of innovative product & achieve milestone. That approach keep us ahead in the competitive market and stand out from the others in the industries

Our Mission

To thrill our customers with great design and value proposition driven by continuous improvements in tile creativity, innovation, efficiency, and customer service.

Our Vision

Understand more successfully the needs of the consumer and the market ambiance through ethical business management, taking into consideration the consumer's interests


We, At Levita are committed to manufacturing and deliver consistently high-quality and durable products to meet the customer’s expectations with the best industries quality standards

How we work

Quality &

Biggest challenge in the ceramic industries is to have control over the whole chain and process right from the row material sourcing to dispatch of the order. We have cracked the challenge and it helps us to develop the product with higher quality standards.

Aim to continuous innovation in the product we have a research lab with a modern equipped machine with an industry expert R&D team.

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